Гравбиз Гравировальные Фрезерные станки с ЧПУ MAGIC Услуги Фрезерного центра для ювелиров

Гравбиз Гравировальные Фрезерные станки с ЧПУ

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 5531 Дата 2015-11-20 исправлено:
    ГЛАВНОЕ!: предыдущие редакции DeskProto V6.0 или V6.1 не будут работать в 2016 году и позже!
    Для установки обновления для DeskProto V6.1 надо запустить V61 Updater, Для обновления программы DeskProto V6.0 надо установить Демо Версию DeskProto V61, которая распознает лицензионный ключ для DeskProto V6.0).
    Ramping теперь работает корректно для 2D операций.
    2D мастер не запрашивает значение оси Z в DXF файлах.
    Диалог "Set graphically..." не открывается в мастере Basic 3D фрезерование.
    Диалог "Set graphically..." не работает корректно в Bitmap operation.
    Translucent drawings of Freeform segments were incorrect in case mirroring was applied.
    Пользовательские мастера тепрь работают с нестандартными операциями по-умолчанию.
    При использовании ротационной оси "Use rotation axis" она устанавливается по умолчанию, мастер теперь позволяет отключить ееf.
    The "Export as..." commands now gives a warning when the file already exists.
    The Setup can fix one more situation where the installation had been corrupted.
    Добавлены Новые станки: Shapeoke on GRBL, CAMaster Stinger, Stepcraft.
    Исправлены не критичные ошибки.

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 5226 Дата 2015-04-24 исправлено:
    Just one fix, as in the build of April 22 a serious bug had been introduced:
    in the Part parameters it was no longer possible to change the Part segment.

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 5220 Дата 2015-04-22 исправлено:
    2D DXF import now also reads Z-coordinates in entity LWPOLYLINE (if any).
    Changing the bitmap dimensions did not immediately change the image on the screen.
    All links in DeskProto updated to the new DeskProto website.
    Button "Send to machine" in the wizards did not work (only applies to a few machines).
    Removed a crash when zooming in the graphic edit support block dialog.
    The freeform segment for a bitmap operation was not correct after opening a project.
    In the wizards Rotary and 'Two or more sides' some of the Translation options did not work.
    The wizards now no longer support loading two or more STL files.
    Added a missing tooltip text in the Bitmap wizard.
    The views layout was undefined for copied parts.
    Improved the checks on the material block size in wizards Rotary and 'Two or more sides'.
    The wizards would adjust default supports in case to short, this is now done for all supports.
    The drawing to graphically edit a segment displayed an incorrect zero point.
    After changing a support the information on the Segment tab was not updated.
    Strategy Offset only offered 'Reduced feedrate for first movements', now 'Reduced feedrate for high chiploads' is supported.
    Feedrates below 1 mm/sec were not possible, now they are.
    Added machines and postprocessors: EAS Heavy 450, Roland SRM-20, Isel MiniFlat 40.

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 4819 Дата 2014-10-28 исправлено:
    An error about Z-values could be given when in fact no bitmap file was present.
    The translation values in the Add geometry dialog were not correctly interpreted for inch users.
    Options 'Use rotation axis' and 'Inverse milling' could both be active, which should not be possible.
    Changing the Windows screen resolution could result in the Wizard being displayed 'off-screen'.
    Empty command fields are no longer permitted in postprocessor options Tool Change and Rapid.
    The Geometry Info dialog showed incorrect filetypes for STL (ASCII) and for VRML.
    In the wizards it was possible to have two radio buttons selected for Orientation.
    Exporting and Importing settings could result in a wrong value for the default bitmap DPI.
    Contour-only toolpaths with a custom Ambient level and with Roughing layers went too low !
    Saving an NC file could make DeskProto crash on a full disk (for instance USB stick too small).
    A postprocessor for the NcStudio control software by Weihong (China) has been added.

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 4551 Дата 2014-07-18 исправлено:
    In Custom wizard 'JWX30 Wax Model' the setting for Skip Ambient was not correct.
    The file-types for Export ZGrid were alphabetically sorted, causing errors in some translations.
    Changing the language was not possible when in the default part only a 2D operation was present.
    Opening the Default View dialog crashed when in the default part the first operation was 2D.
    Pressing Cancel while loading a 2D file resulted in an error.
    Strategy circular with different values for Path distance and Stepsize could cause gouging toolpaths.
    The inch postprocessor for Mach3 wrote only 3 decimals for each coordinate value: now 4.
    Wizard "Two or more sides, automatic rotation", did not process the translation setting (zero point).
    DeskProto no longer remembered the last used Custom wizard.
    The scripting function to set the border for 'X, left' did not work.
    The scripting documentation was not correct for a number of support block functions.
    Opening the "Start custom wizard" dialog from the Start screen could happen more than once.
    Removing the first driver in one of the libraries (cutters, machines, postpr) was not possible.
    'Write NC program file' did not work after loading a project file with toolpaths.
    Preference setting "Draw limited number of entities" was not always stored.
    Checking "Display translated coordinates" for the Part segment and then changing a Translation setting caused errors.

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 4337 Дата 2014-04-22 исправлено:
    The Initial Personal Settings screen ("DeskProto welcome", asking for Machine and Units to be used) no longer appeared for first time users! This bug has remained undetected since the release of V6.1 :-(
    When "Always stay low" is applied, now only the toolpaths inside the freeform segment are lowered.
    The Free movement height is the distance above the top of the Operation subsegment. Only for the first/last point of a toolpath it is above the Part segment. This last detail no longer was correct.
    For strategy Block, subsetting "Inside-Out" the Milling Direction (Climb/Conventional) was reversed.
    The value for Border setting "Extra for cutter" was not correct in case of a Roughing skin.
    For multiple-line Feedrate/Spindle commands (postproc using "^\N") the line numbers were incorrect.
    The Skip Ambient settings were not correctly shown in Print Project Data (File menu).
    The number of remaining Trial days now is displayed in red (on the trial screen).

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 4160 Дата 2014-02-7 исправлено:
    First point and last point of a toolpath could be below the Part's maximum Z:
       important fix : this could damage the part in case of multiple operations.
    Mirroring did not include the Centre point for strategies Circular and Radial.
    Repaired a crash (Access violation) in the circular toolpath calculations.
    The warning when opening the cutter library is not needed when opening from the wizards.
    The block sizes in the Report file (wizard "Two sides, manual flip") were incorrect.
    The contour-only strategy did not always find all contours.
    Unchecking "fill gaps" (strategy waterline) now removes all short paths. Also less positioning moves.
    Same optimization bug (in the C++ compiler) as in Rev 3949, now also fixed in 32 bits builds.
    The Help file text on positioning movements (Free movement height) was not correct.
    The wizards did not show the correct layer height after selecting "Use cutting length of cutter".
    Scaling in the wizards now can be defined with 5 decimals, just like in the Operation parameters.
    When DeskProto cannot find a geometry file it now also searches the Samples folder.

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 3949 Дата 2013-11-27 исправлено:
    Circular and Spiral toolpath calculations with 'Also machine corners' checks could crash.
    Operations with many roughing layers took long to calculate and could crash on insufficient memory.
    Strategy Contour-only no longer started with the most inner contours: now it does.
    An error could result in NC files containing the string "1.#IO" instead of a valid number.
    The feedrate reduction for plunge movements did not work for strategies Contour and Waterlines.
    Custom wizard "4-axis wax ring" gave an error on the operation segment.
    Rotation axis toolpaths with A-values above 360 could insert a full rotation back to A=0.0
    The wizards showed strange values when selecting "Dimensions" for scaling (64 bits build only).
    An optimization option (inline function expansion) in the C++ compiler created errors in 64 bits builds.
    Changing a support block could double the number of support blocks.
    After changing an invisible operation the toolpaths were not automatically recalculated.
    Postprocessors for Roland MDX-15/20 still created .mod files: now .prn files.
    Function key F1 with the Tree view active failed to launch Help.
    Toolpaths with the "Rotation axis tilt option" used were drawn incorrectly.
    The red and green areas in a simulation were incorrectly positioned.
    Custom values for the simulation's tolerance were not stored.
    In the .bak file created after saving a .dpj all Capitals were replaced by lower case characters.

DeskProto 6.1 Редакция 3801 Дата 2013-10-09 исправлено:
    Это первый выпуск версии DeskProto V 6.1