Гравбиз Гравировальные Фрезерные станки с ЧПУ MAGIC Услуги Фрезерного центра для ювелиров

Гравбиз Гравировальные Фрезерные станки с ЧПУ

GM1/GM5 single edge key was fixed.
and there are some new and modified data.
- Blank key maker selection(Silca, JMA, Ilco, KeyLine) at menu
: you can choose your favorite maker excluding unused maker.
- Silca TOY43 valet key support
: Last position of key of TOY43 is cut to "2" for valet key(it was "2.5" before).
You also can designate this value when you make new key profile.
- Nosed tip shaped for Laser key is selectable in cutting process
: Length for nose shape of laser key like TOY48 can be input on the window for key cut option.
- Silca HU66,HU92,TOY48 cutting depth changed
- Silca TOY27,TOY26,TOY34,MIT2,HYN14 added
- Single Edge key(like Silca GM5) cutting was fixed
- Silca NE66 and its compatible keys display space information.